Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding on the beach in Aug. 07

M and B were married on the beach on a beautiful summer day. M got ready at a friends house a few miles from where the wedding was. The lighting was beautiful inside.Seeing each other for the first time on the beach.There was a lagoon next to the brides parents house that we took a few photographs at.
They had cake, icecream, and cheesecake! Yumm.

Beach in May

S and K were married on a cool May afternoon. There was wind but no rain so we headed over to the beach. S said she'd suffer through the cold and wind for some photos, she was just happy it wasn't 90 degrees!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Family in a snowbank

So I guess I'm in the mood for posting tonight. Here is a family photo I did this winter. They were up for anything including laying in the snow. After the girls decided to throw snowballs at the guys and that ended in snowjobs for all...


I wanted to try some new things with kids so I borrowed the cutest models and spent an hour photographing them. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to children and photographing them! It was so much fun, thanks a bunch K!

A loves her little brother B.

My second wedding

S and T were my second wedding! I started with film and said that I would never switch to digital, well I guess I was wrong.

K and J's special day

K and J were married quite awhile ago but I'm starting to go through some of the older weddings that I've done. These are a few of my favorites from thier wedding. I was still shooting film at the time of their wedding, I can't imagine still doing that! K got ready at her parents house. It was very relaxing, there was breakfast, laughter, and the smell of hair spray.
The guys decided to hold the flowers for a while.