Sunday, March 13, 2011

Second shoot *Not my photos

As a photographer I had so many ideas for photos that I wanted, and I still didn't get to do them all...poor D. I'm so happy that he's such a good sport about my couple hour photo shoots in 30 degree weather! Oh ya, and the hat I wanted him to wear! That's just one reason that I love him.
My assistant K took these photos. We had a couple of pictures done earlier but I needed a few without snowflakes in the air for our wedding announcements so K was willing to do another shoot. Thanks a bunch K!
Yes I purchased yellow rain boots, that I will be wearing on my wedding day! We are going to be in a couple of locations that rain boots are going to be the preferred footwear.
I could not have engagement photos without a camera...hey it's hard for me to go on a photo shoot and not be taking pictures. So K didn't mind that I took along my Canon AE-1 and took some shots of's different using film, were D's eyes the exposure correct...I never thought I'd be saying this five years ago but I LOVE digital photography.

Thank you again K for taking time to photograph D and I! Also thank you L for coming along and using the reflector and holding my coat ready for when I needed to be warm again!

Friday, March 11, 2011

My "new" nephews

A couple of weeks ago I took H's pictures again. This time he had his little bother O to show how it's done. H and O are going to be my nephews in two months! They are some of the cutest kids I've seen.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3 Months already!

So last week I did my nephew Z's three months photos. I can't believe how fast that time flew by. My sister also wanted to attempt a family photo...hehehehehahahah that went wonderful! T is almost sixteen months and loves to run! So trying to get her to sit by Z was almost nearly impossible...most of the photos were like this.