Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Elizabeth and Dave *I did not take these photos

I did not take these photos...because they are of me and my fiance'! My assistant K did our engagement photos and she is going to be doing my wedding! I am so happy that she is going to take on my wedding, I could not imagine anyone else photographing me and D on our special day! This first picture was actually taken by W, she is going to be K's assistant. K knows my style so well it's almost as if I'm taking my own photos...hehehe I love this one how she focused on the trees instead of us.

And this one...LOVE it.

K and W thank you so much for doing this half of engagement photos...more to come in a little while... I am so lucky to have you girls doing our wedding photography and I can't wait for May 14th to hang out with you, my fiance', and of course a couple of cameras!