Thursday, April 9, 2009


T was really into golf so I tried a few different views...

Calm sunset with senior

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time to start posting seniors

Hot day in June

S and K were looking for somewhere to take photographs were not many people had been. I found a couple who had been working on turning their yard into a beautiful garden. It was a wonderful place to photograph a wedding and I hope to go back sometime.

Fog on her wedding day!

I'm not sure if J was as excited about the fog on her wedding day as I was. Fog is a beautiful light diffuser and I loved the way J and K's photos turned out...If I could pick the weather for a perfect wedding day...fog in the morning, beautiful white puffy clouds with a little sun, and then a brilliant sunset...not picky at all! I was done photographing the first time K and J saw each other and I just got back into the church, when I turned around this was the moment I captured.

I LOVE the fog!

One of my good friends

I was honored that M and S asked me to photograph thier wedding. The day was the perfect temperature, the dresses were beautiful and M was one of the most carefree brides I've worked with.
We were supposed to go to GSB for photos but M's dress was a little big to be traveling very far. We went to the beach a couple of miles from the church instead.

The beach was a beautiful background but then we found the leaves...
One of M's friends was taking a photo and I snapped this quick...

Photos by the lake

E and I grew up only a mile apart, in between our houses my cousin N lived. N and E were married on the same day. N in the morning and E in the afternoon. I was one of the attendants for N and had to leave the reception a little early so I could photograph E's wedding! Talk about a day filled with wedding! I was up at 5 am and didn't get home untill 10 pm. It was so much fun to be part of both girls weddings though.
We went and took photos after the wedding. The first stop was GSB!
Then the EH lighthouse.
I just love the way R is looking at E.We left the reception for a little while to get some beautiful sunset photos. It was just the two of them and me.
This is real!

Church by a pond

H and C were married on a misting Saturday, that didn't stop them from doing outdoor photographs. There was a pond close by so we used that as most of the time but there were some lonely trees that we used also. Everyone was in such a good mood even with the little rain.

I just loved these two, they were always laughing.