Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wedding out of town

I traveled out of town for this wedding. R and C were such a stress free couple. After the ceremony a few people piled onto a bus and we toured the town, stopping at the beach, a garage sale, a beautiful lookout with trees, the baseball field and then the reception. My Internet is a bit slow tonight so I'm going to have to post more later but here is a few from a sunny day in May.
There were swings at the church so the guys just had to use them!
R shopping at a garage sale. Family and friends bought "wedding gifts" for R and C. This was such a fun stop.The lookout was probably my favorite spot for this couple, the lighting was perfect, R and C were able to leave everyone and focus on themselves for a few moments. I had C bring a knife to carve their initials into a tree.
Our last stop was the ball field! C and his guys in the dugout. He had bought bats for this groomsmen.
R pitching to C.