Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Engagement Photos

M and T had some photos done about a week ago. We had to get some by the lake even though it was a wee bit windy. As I'm looking at this photo the beach was washing away in a small area next to T. hehe didn't notice that before.

Something a little different...does anyone have any comments on this?

After photographing T and M at two different locations I wanted to "drag" them to a third, they were willing to go so I was happy because I could get some shots like this. I love back lighting, its one of my favorite ways to photograph a couple at sunset.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Copper Dog 150

The Copper Dog 150 took place this past weekend. I had a chance to volunteer as a dog handler Friday night and LOVED it. Friday morning RVB hosted the registration and vet checks for all mushers. I was able to photograph some of the event.

Mushers finishing the first leg of the race.
Due to unseasonably warm weather the race was rerouted but many of the teams still finished at the new location.

For anyone who would like to view the entire album please email me at and I will get you a link to the photos! I had so much fun with this weekend and hope to volunteer for the race next year! For more information visit the Copper Dog website at

Sunday, March 7, 2010


H is one! I did some photos for E when they were up. H loved his presents, ribbon and a rocking horse.

H decided that he had to pose for a few photos. He knew exactly what to do.

Little H and his sucker.

Beautiful Family

The girls of the J family The men of the J family