Thursday, April 29, 2010

My new high! (Besides photography)

I have found something else that makes me almost as happy as photography. It's flying! Of course I take pictures while flying...I went up with my cousin T yesterday and I was able to have him fly where I wanted and photograph the lighthouses in the area. I went for an hour and a half and only got the west side...shoot I'll have to go again! The weather was perfect for photographing shipwrecks on the bottom of the lake. Next time I'll be bringing my shipwreck map and photograph more, and my polarizing filter...I forgot it on the table:(This is one of my favorite spots to take a quick hike to on the 4th of July and swim
A lighthouse off the point.My beautiful home. It was so much fun to see from a whole new perspective.
One of the beaches I love to swim at in the summer.

T I hope you don't mind that I will be calling almost every month to fly. I have so many different places that I want to see from the air. I felt safe in your plane when we were flying but in the beginning when you were explaining how to fly the plane in the event of you passing out, or if we crash and the plane starts on fire how to climb into the tail and cut my way out of the canvas...I wasn't so sure I wanted to get in. I guess that's how you weed out the wimps! Thank you so much for bringing me and I will be calling...I want to get the east side, some of the lakes, a little south, some sunsets, trees with leaves, fall colors, snow, wolves, eagles, moose, get the point.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010


When I went to NYC last summer I decided to try photographing people in a completely photojournalistic way. It was way out of my box to try photographing this way, I'm so used to posing people and then taking the picture.I was able to watch the people on Wall Street.
There were still tourists just like us. I have only been to the city on the weekends and there are tons of tourists and no construction workers or people on Wall Street.
Lunch breaks...
This one was taken in Maine


This past weekend I had a couple of girls that were up for modeling. I was able to have my friend H practice with a reflector and try a few different things. Thanks girls for helping me out.!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Newborn photo session

Today I was able to take some newborn pictures of my friend K's newest addition the her family. He slept most of the time and K let me pose him anyway I wanted!

After she made me lunch! I'll come photograph any of your kids any time K...or you and S for that matter! It was so much fun and I hope you enjoy these! I can't wait to do family photos for you. Thanks again and C is such a good kid putting up with my posing!

Saturday afternoon photographing

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Karen and Dave

This past weekend I did an engagement shoot for my assistant. Karen and Dave were so easy to work with because she knew exactly what she wanted in her photos! Hope you guys like them!


At the beginning of April I made a trip to Arizona to visit one of my friends. She brought us to Sedona, Jerome, and the Grand Canyon. This first photo was taken in Jerome with the mountains of Flagstaff in the background. Jerome is an old copper mining town on the face of a cliff!Taken in Sedona, it was beautiful there!

Grand Canyon...HUGE 1 mile deep, 18 miles across I just couldn't photograph the sheer size of this ditch. It was amazing to see that a river did all of this.

Spring senior session